How to Easily Remove Old Drivers From Windows

How to Easily Remove Old Drivers From Windows

On the Optional updates screen, check the boxes next to any updates listed under Driver updates, and click Download and install. Windows automatically keeps many drivers up-to-date with Windows Update. You can get all your drivers’ updates, features and quality improvements as “Optional Updates” in Windows Update. Setting SearchOrderConfig to 0 will block drivers from updating every time Windows 10 checks for new updates. As you see, the methods to recondition your drivers look the same as the ones used to update drivers on Windows 10. The ones presented above are the easiest to update drivers on Windows 11.

Just quickly click on this option to get towards Windows Update. In the Device Manager, you can see a list of all the hardware installed on your computer. Check for updates regularly and install them as soon as possible to avoid problems that can slow down or crash your computer. Graphics drivers are programs that tell your computer how to efficiently operate its graphical user interface (GUI). In that case, you may have to uninstall the driver, reinstall the previous one, and download it from the vendor’s website. The Microsoft Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter is a lightweight, portable tool that can be used to identify and hide problematic updates on your computer. These updates introduce new features, fix problems with existing apps, or improve the operating system’s performance.


Press Win + S to open the Search box, and then type device manager in it and select Device Manager from the appeared menu. If you do not have the necessary computer skills to update/fix the drivers manually, we strongly suggest doing it automatically with a professional tool. Then restart the AMD Catalyst setup and you should be able to install your AMD Catalyst drivers normally. GeForce gamers can improve responsiveness in Diablo IV by enabling NVIDIA Reflex. NVIDIA Reflex is a must-have in games, reducing system latency so your actions occur quicker, giving you a competitive edge. On GeForce RTX 40 Series laptops, DLSS 3 improves performance by an average of 1.8X at 2560×1440, enabling all laptop GPUs to play Diablo IV at over 80 FPS with max settings enabled. At 1080p, DLSS 3 helps all laptop GPUs to run at over 120 FPS, with the power house GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU topping 280 FPS.

  • Once the steps are followed step by step the wizard will scan, detect, and install the latest driver.
  • This was because Windows lacked several required protection features (They are available now).
  • Disk Analyzer and Drive Wiper are the only features of the CCleaner app that resemble MiniTool Partition Wizard functionalities.
  • Since two versions of the same driver are installed, when you try to open the AMD Software Adrenaline Edition app it will trigger an error.

For example, use DriverPack website, enter the device ID, examine offered options, make sure it is compatible with OS (64/32-bit, version) and download the file. Ok, now let’s talk about 4 common methods to find, install and update drivers.

NVIDIA Drivers Update

Windows 11’s Device Manager allows you to do just that reasonably easily. There is a whole host of third-party programs available that promise to find and update old drivers on your Windows PC. There are plenty of free options out there, with others charging for larger databases of drivers and extra features. Load up Device Manager, find the component that’s giving you grief, and right-click on it. In the list of options, select “Uninstall device,” then reboot your PC. When your computer loads up again, Windows will attempt to reinstall the driver, and this could solve the problem. Click the button to see which graphics driver you currently have installed.

does ccleaner update drivers

If you want to find driver updates yourself, you’ve got a few options. Several of the top graphics card manufacturers offer automatic driver updaters, and most offer driver updating software that you can download directly from their websites. DriverSupport is considered one of the best software to update outdated drivers for Windows 10. It comes with a great device driver matching technology that helps users find and install the latest updates as per specific manufacturer and PC model. If you’re the type of person who prefers to keep their devices running smoothly without putting a lot of effort, this PC driver updater is certainly recommended.

They represent serious weaknesses that any hacker worth their salt can readily exploit. With these two methods, you can ensure that your system only has up-to-date drivers for devices that you’re actively using. Depending on how many drivers you’ve had stored, you’ll now have a good chunk of free storage space.

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